Big Steve has owned and raced this 1965 Dodge since 1969. Currently, It is powered by a 426 c.i Hemi, TRW pistons, NASCAR connecting rods, ancient Racer Brown 140R roller cam and a MP Cross Ram with two 780cfm Holley carburetors. The gearing is 4.56, and runs 10.80-10.90@125 mph. It runs Nostalgia Super Stock at selected events in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Maryland. The engine and combination is as old school as it gets, and is technology "challenged" compared to most of the similar combinations that we race against.  However, it's still fun, the car is reliable, it will hold its own, and still allows me to enjoy the activity that has been my focus for almost my entire teenage and adult life. Easily the most memorable moment I've had in almost fifty years of doing this was squaring off against my son Kyle in his 64 Polara (shown above) on Father's Day, 2010. The next year, I was able to race my youngest son's Plymouth on Father's Day. Absolutely the highlight of my racing life. Absolutely. Nothing else even comes close. 

2013 was been a memorable year as of late, and I update this site Memorial Day 2014 is a week away.. My personal schedule for 2014 is limited to a few special events, I just can't  physically sit in the cab of a truck for 10 hours traveling time anymore. So, we'll limit ourselves to the BGR  Championship  Series events at Pittsburgh Raceway Park and Quaker City Dragway, the York US30 Reunion Nostalgia Nationals at Beaver Springs Dragway, and the Flashback Friday / 422 All Stars  also at  the Beaver. In September, there is the PID / Keystone Raceway Reunion at Pittsburgh. large event.  e






Kyle's 64 Dodge Polara is originally an Arizona car, and converted to race trim at Bob George Racing in Eighty Four, Pa. Installed were a modern style ladder bar suspension, a modern, efficient roll cage, and an Indy Cylinder Head equipped 500 cubic inch wedge engine, equipped with an Indy cross ram intake manifold, and two Edelbrock Thunder Series 800 cfm  carburetors. Despite it's stock steel body, as far as chassis and drive train it is state of the art as far as Nostalgia Super Stock racing is concerned. The car is amazing as it still contains it's original, 64 street equipment...even the windshield wipers work!  No lightweight, it goes over 3600 lbs at the starting line, and the 500 incher propels the car to 10.40 ets at 129 mph,


The third member of the clan is Kevin Reasbeck, the youngest son. Kevin races a 1971 Plymouth Satelite with a Chrysler wedge engine. It is powered by a 477 inch version of the wedge, based on a 400 block with a 4 inch crank, Eagle rods, and "smogger" 452 iron heads. It is a torque monster, and is a low rpm engine, reliable and consistent. Kev shifts it at 5800 rpm, and it powers the big Plymouth to 12.00 et's.



The Plymouth has been fitted with the tried and true Super Stock springs, and the car 60 foots in the 1.62 range. Impressive.




Pals and Support!!!


 Ronnie and Buddy McClelland - Bud's Auto Sales




 Ronnie & Buddy McClelland, owners and proprieters of Bud's Auto Sales in Beaverdale, Pa., and Indiana, Pa. have been absolutely invaluable in friendship and support. This wheelstanding 1966 Dodge has been in the "family" for many, many, years, and back in the sixties plied its trade as a race car in Ohio. The car is even rumored to have once been owned by Elvis Presley, but we cannot verify that rumor.

The Indy headed wedge engine that powered the car to many ten flat elapsed times has been replaced with a 528 cubic inch Hemi that produced 871 hp on the Dynometer. The big car responded, running 9.60 elapsed time at will. Ronnie is alway accompanied by his sons, Aaron, Ian, and Sammy, and puts on a great show.


Bob George Racing, Eighty Four, Pa.

Bob George is responsible for bringing Reasbeck Racing back from the dead in the mid nineties. His generosity and friendship is responsible for some of the best racers in the western Pennsylvania area. His Hemi powered 65 Plymouth is a rolling tribute to his late son, Curt, whom we all miss. Bob's racing history spans fifty years, all in MoPars. Bob George racing is home of some of the most successful Chrysler powered race cars in the United States. BGR motors are shipped worldwide, and appear in some of the most famous and most successful show and race cars in the world.


Bob has recently re-aquired his original Hemi Dart, which he was the second owner. He purchased the car in 1969 from Jerry Daily, and it was a hitter in Pennsylvania and Ohio during the day. It was at the Hemi re-union, and may be the only one in the country with the original engine. He has also built a clone of the original Dart to do wom Nostalgia Racing. FYI, the one with the polished wheels is the clone, the other is the gennie. Due to it's value, the gennie Dart does not see a lot of race action.









I fully admit that the intensity of the competitive fire has dimmed some over the years. Although the competitive juices still flow, I am certainly admitting that they are not white hot as they were thirty years ago. A lot has happened, I've mellowed. Personally, we've been well off, dead broke, in good health and on my death bed. All of that, along with life experiences themselve cause one to adjust priorities. So, the reason we race now is because I love doing it, I love the commaradie and enjoy the friendship of those whom I've competed against for so many years. We race, put out a spread, and enjoy the day's experience. I've had the opportunity, and, of course the blessing, to know and still hang with my best pals, those who I've been close to for forty plus years. In many ways, drag racing has made those relationships possible, and I'm so, so grateful  If anyone attends an event where we are, please come over and say hi. We have a ball, and don't take this or ourselves too seriously. Life is good, it's precious, and I am thankful for each day.

Of course, family is the greatest gift God gives, and I would be so remiss if I did not mention mine. My daughter, Heather, my son Kyle, and my son Kevin have all tolerated a lot. I love you all. And, Deb, I owe you the most.!!!

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 2014 Race Schedule

June 14-15   BGR Championship Series          Pittsburgh Raceway Park, New Alexandria, Pa. 

July   12-13           York US 30 Nostalgia Nationals     Beaver Springs Dragway,    Beaver Springs, Pa

Aug  16-17     BGR Championship Series        Quaker City Motorsports Park, Salem, Ohio                  

Aug  8-9       Friday Flashback /422 All Stars        Beaver Springs Dragway, Beaver Springs, Pa.

Sept. 27-28      PID/Keystone Reunion                  Pittsburgh Raceway Park, New Alexandria, Pa.